i believe in my days

old souvenirs coming in my sleep!!!  no matter, today is today , let’s live it with faith and love!!!  hoping that new project comes thru… i m who i am, i do my music, with honesty and love, i live my life with hope and faith, hope for my future musical life, let’s believe with joy and  energy, day by day,who else shall do it for me??? yes i believe i m a good person, a good composer, that i have a place in the univers, my place! 🙂 like everybody!

days are grey,

days are blue

days are days

days are mine

days are dance

days are music

days are…:-)



week 17 i have the permission…

waouwwww , yes i m the only one like me!  so i have to say and show it!

but one of my difficulties is to leave a trace of myself , to write my trace in the continuum time!i do things, i write music, i do performances and then i go further! now my challenge is to accomplish a registration of my music from 2006  to now! 22 pieces, it’s a big organization! a lot of energy!! finding money and time! so let’s do it petit à petit ;-), masterkey helps me but it is hard, a 63 year fear! even if i yet made 2 cds! ok i do it now! going from the world within to the world outside and say yes this is me and wat i m doing well! so be a big girl , you have the permission to access to self power! past is past, leave it! it’s yet lost! but i feel i need to understand why i can’t write, leave my trace in this world…difficult!!! a new adventure 🙂 it s like  to go in the jungle alone! brrrr but the sun is shining and thre’s a lot of people around me liking me, i have support,I HAVE TO BELIEVE IN ME 🙂f60e4f472d01bcbe961e5701124a9c74.gif



week 14

waouw new projects for the year’s coming, register my peaces with super musicians, moh’s belgian papers in the pocket! performance with a fool 🙂 on my opera, happiness and love comes thru, let’s be positive, believe in the universe and mastery, hug a max  😉 angels, light, friends, spirale to god, from god, LIFE…



un petit pas…

un petit pas vers Toi

un grand pas vers moi,

la fatigue et le stress,

l’amour et la tristesse

la joie qui emporte tout

me fait tenir debout

allez vers cet a- venir

ce nouvel inspir

et se donner

au jour à la nuit ,voler

pour renaitre à chaque instant

fière de cet émerveillement;

pour moi, pour vous, pour le monde

se jeter librement dans cette ronde

des planètes, du coeur, miséricorde

et le monde joyeusement danse à la corde

chantant ,priant , souriant

avant , après, maintenant

tout est moi et vous, aimant

en tout , remerciements